Mountaineer Veterinary Clinic, Inc James M. Minger, DVM 239 Greenbag Road Morgantown, WV 26501 (304) 296 1667
Mountaineer Veterinary Clinic James M. Minger, DVM 239 Greenbag Road Morgantown, WV 26501  (304) 296 1667

Our Staff is a small but close knit group. This allows us to be more involved with cases and keep smooth flow and continuity in the treatment of our patients.

Dr Minger starting practicing in Morgantown in October 1997. Since then he has enjoyed seeing his clients repeatedly throughout the years.

Jerilyn came to work for us 3 years ago and has enjoyed the repore we have with our clients and being able to be the primary interface with the clients. This allows her to enjoy the clients and their pets.

Brittany has been here 2 years. She has worked as our primary Receptionist since then. She is happy now to be splitting time working in other areas of the hosptial as well.

Sonja is our aspiring veterinarian to be. While still a high school student she takes her learning serious. And she has a leg up on veterinary medicine that many second and third year college pre-veterinary students don't have by taking the time to learn the science behind what she is seeing here at the hospital every day.

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